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Oil portrait David Salariya

Words & Pictures

AVID SALARIYA designs, writes and creates many different kinds of books for children, promoting lifelong literacy, representation and inclusion to a diverse audience, knowing that brilliant books make brilliant children. 


David Salariya's notable achievement is his ability to create, design and write books which are both informative and engaging. He combines factual information with vibrant illustrations, brilliant design and humour to make complex subjects accessible to young minds.

​​Portrait of David Salariya by Pamela Hewetson 1997


Welcome to my website!

Here, you'll find everything you need to know about me, my interests, the books I've created, designed, written and published. 

When you click on the links you’ll be able to find your way to my blog where I post  articles on publishing, design, history and the occasional odd thought.  


You can also take a look inside my portfolios and sketch books to see how a spark of an idea develops into a published book...we might head off page too - to take a look at 'life outside the book'.

I'm also proud to share the legacy of my years at The Salariya Book Company, which I built from the ground up - founding the business in1989 and closing the doors in 2022. 

Thank you for visiting!

Created & Designed by David Salariya. Title Page from a Franklin Watts Book
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